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What is Georgia’s “Zero Tolerance” DUI Law?

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You may have heard of Georgia’s “zero-tolerance” DUI law, but are you completely clear on all its implications? Read on to learn the details you should know about.

Georgia’s Zero-Tolerance DUI Laws

According to the state’s zero-tolerance policy, if you are under the age of 21, you may not operate a motor vehicle with a blood alcohol content (BAC) over 0.02%. If you are arrested for DUI, the consequences vary depending on your BAC level. If you are caught driving with a BAC above 0.08%, you may face the same charges as an adult.

Georgia DUI Consequences for Underage Drivers

If you are younger than 21 years old, you may face the following consequences if charged with DUI:

*If you are younger than 15, your license can be suspended until your 17th birthday. For a second offense, your license can be suspended until your 18th birthday.

**As a minor, the requirements for community service must be fulfilled within 60 days of your sentence.

Added Consequences and Expenses

Many of the aforementioned charges can be accompanied by additional consequences. For all of the above penalties, you must serve a probation period and may be required to attend a 20-hour DUI class or attend treatment for substance abuse. You may also need to have an Ignition Interlock Device (IID) installed in your vehicle. You have to pay these expenses out of your own pocket as they aren’t included in the estimated costs listed above.

If you’ve been arrested for a DUI offense but not yet convicted, it’s imperative that you seek skilled legal representation right away. Your freedom is nothing to leave to chance.

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