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Cobb County DUI-Per Se and Possession of Marijuana: All Charges DISMISSED

Our client, a 19 year old student, was pulled over for Failure to Maintain Lane on I-75N in Cobb County.  After performing field sobriety tests, the officer placed him under arrest for DUI and searched his car incident to the arrest.  During the search, the officer found a grinder containing a small amount of alleged cannabis and charged him with Violation of the Georgia Controlled Substances Act, (“VGCSA”).   Upon arrival at the police station, our client submitted to a urine test to determine whether he was under the influence of alcohol or drugs.  During our investigation, we discovered that the State failed to maintain a proper chain of custody for the urine sample and the alleged cannabis. Accordingly, we obtained a dismissal of the DUI charge and a dismissal of the VGCSA charge.  

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