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The following case summaries are provided as a representative sample of our recent results. Each case is different, and we can not make any guarantee of a specific result in your case.

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Bartow County DUI-Per Se: “Not Guilty” Jury Verdict

Our client, an over-the-road truck driver, was arrested for DUI-Per Se and Hit and Run after he allegedly sideswiped a parked car while entering his neighborhood during a torrential storm. Despite being offered a plea deal that would have avoided jail time, we took the case to a jury trial in Bartow County Superior Court…

City of Atlanta DUI-Per Se: DUI Charge DISMISSED

Our client was arrested by City of Atlanta police for allegedly failing to maintain her lane while driving on I-75/85 Northbound. Although she submitted to a chemical test of her breath, (which showed a BAC in excess of .08), we were able to keep the breath test result out of evidence based on the fact…

Cobb County DUI-Less Safe and Hit and Run: Both charges DISMISSED.

Our client was arrested by Cobb County Police for DUI-Less Safe and Hit and Run after striking another vehicle at a traffic light and then driving approximately one and a half miles. We defended the case by attacking the arresting officer’s performance of standardized field sobriety tests based on his failure to properly medically qualify…

Alpharetta Under 21 DUI-Per Se: DISMISSED

Our client, who was under the age of 21, was arrested for DUI-Per Se by Alpharetta Police. Since the client had a history of chronic acid reflux, we argued that the test result was not reliable. Specifically, we argued that he suffered an acid reflux attack prior to the administration of the breath test, thereby…

Bartow County Felony Obstruction: Directed Verdict of “Not Guilty”

Our client, a farm hand on a local Bartow County farm, was approached by a law enforcement officer who, based on a tip from the owner of the farm, demanded that he produce identification to prove that he did not have an outstanding warrant for his arrest for Failure to Appear on a drug possession…

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