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If you have been arrested for DUI in Cobb County, you probably feel worried, disappointed, and possibly angry.  If you have never experienced the process of navigating the criminal justice system after a DUI arrest, you likely have questions about the potential long term consequences of a DUI conviction, the effect a DUI could have on your driver's license, and whether you will have to return to jail.  If you have previously been through the process, you understand how daunting the process can be, and you likely understand that the potential punishment for a second or third DUI can be much more severe than your prior experience.  With the potential for significant jail time, loss of your driver's license for more than one year, and cancellation of your auto insurance, you are anxious to retain an attorney who can help you beat the charge outright or work to minimize the punishment. 

Whether this is your first DUI arrest or you have multiple prior DUIs, the attorneys at The Dickerson Firm can help you navigate the  process and achieve the best result possible. We have three goals for every case:  (1) preserve your ability to drive, (2) avoid jail, and (3) avoid a DUI conviction.  We dedicate our practice exclusively to defending DUI and drug cases, and our results speak for themselves.  We have offices in East Cobb and Kennesaw for your convenience, and we also offer consultations by phone and Zoom.  To learn more about how we can help you, please call us at 678-444-4280 or complete the consultation form below:

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Top Rated DUI Lawyers Named Best of Georgia by The Georgia Business Journal

The Dickerson Firm is the only Cobb County law firm specializing in DUI and VGCSA defense to be named to both The Georgia Business Journal's "Best in Georgia" list for 2021 and 2022, and The National Trial Lawyers Top 100 DUI attorneys.  In addition to being recognized among the best dui lawyers in Cobb County, Georgia by the Georgia Business Journal, we have also maintained perfect 10.0 ratings on the lawyer rating websites AVVO and Justia for the last 8 years, and we maintain a cumulative Google rating of 4.8 stars among all of our offices.    While we are honored by the awards we have received, we are most proud of our results, which speak for themselves.

What are some possible Defenses to a Cobb County DUI?

If you are facing a DUI charge in Georgia, there are a number of potential defenses that we may be able to raise in your case.

One common defense is that the traffic stop that led to your arrest was unlawful. For example, if the police did not have reasonable articulable suspicion to pull you over, or if they violated your rights during the stop, any evidence they obtained may be deemed inadmissible in court.

Another possible defense is that the breath or blood test used to determine your blood alcohol content (BAC) was inaccurate or unreliable. This could happen if the testing equipment was not properly calibrated, or if the sample was not properly collected or stored.

We may also argue that there were other factors that could have affected your ability to operate a vehicle safely, such as a medical condition, a prescription medication, or even fatigue.

Finally, it is important to remember that the prosecution bears the burden of proving beyond a reasonable doubt that you were operating a vehicle under the influence. If they cannot meet this standard, you may be acquitted of the charges against you.

It is important to have an experienced Cobb County DUI attorney on your side to help you navigate the complex legal landscape of a Georgia DUI. Call us at 678-444-4280 or complete the contact form below and speak to one of our attorneys who can help you identify the best defenses for your specific situation and build a strong case on your behalf.

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