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Case Results

The following case summaries are provided as a representative sample of our recent results. Each case is different, and we can not make any guarantee of a specific result in your case.

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  • Dismissed
    Dekalb County DUI

    Our client was charged with DUI-Per Se, Failure to Maintain Lane, and Speeding in Dekalb County. Although a breath test indicated that his blood alcohol content was over .08, we filed a Motion to Suppress the breath test result. Rather than defend against the Motion, the prosecutor chose to dismiss all charges:

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  • Not Guilty on All Counts
    DUI Multiple Substances in Coweta County

    Our client was charged with DUI-Alcohol, DUI-Drugs, and DUI-Multiple Substances in Coweta County, Georgia. Although the client admitted to smoking marijuana earlier in the day, admitted to drinking 3 or 4 beers before driving, and performed poorly on field sobriety tests according to the arresting officer, we obtained a “Not Guilty” verdict on all charges:

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  • Not Guilty
    Henry County DUI-Less Safe

    Our client was charged with DUI-Less Safe and Failure to Use Headlights in Henry County. Although the arresting officer testified that the client failed all field sobriety tests, we obtained a “Not Guilty” verdict on the DUI charge:

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  • Not Guilty
    Douglas County DUI-Marijuana

    Our client was charged with DUI-Marijuana in Douglas County. Despite the presence of THC in his blood and the fact that marijuana and a pipe were found in his car, we kept the possession charges off his record and obtained a “Not Guilty” verdict on the DUI-Drugs charge:

    DUI-Drugs Verdict 1024X 768

  • Dismissed
    Cobb County DUI-Less Safe

    Our client was charged with DUI-Less Safe after refusing a state administered breath test. We negotiated the dismissal of the DUI charge in exchange for a plea to Reckless Driving and a Basic Rules Violation.

    Cobb County DUI-Dismissal 1024X 768

  • Reduced to Reckless Driving
    Cobb County DUI-Per Se

    Our client was charged with DUI-Per Se and two counts of Failure to Maintain Lane. Despite the fact that it was the client’s second DUI arrest, we were able to negotiate a reduction of the DUI-Charge to a less serious charge of Reckless Driving.

    Cobb DUI Reduction To Reckless 1024X 903

  • Dismissed
    Cobb County DUI-Less Safe

    Our client was charged with DUI-Less Safe and Failure to Maintain Lane. The State offered to reduce the DUI to a Reckless Driving, and the client rejected the State’s offer. On the day scheduled for trial, the State agreed to dismiss the DUI Charge in exchange for a plea to Failure to Maintain Lane

    Cobb DUI-Dismissal FTML-1024X 768

  • Not Guilty
    Cherokee County DUI-Less Safe

    Our client was charged with DUI-Less Safe and operating a vehicle without headlights more than 30 minutes after sunset in Cherokee County. After we introduced evidence of the official time of sunset from the U.S. Naval Observatory, Cherokee County State Court Judge Alan Jordan entered a directed verdict of “Not Guilty” on the headlight charge. Although our client admitted to drinking wine before driving, a Cherokee County jury deliberated only 15 minutes before returning a “Not Guilty” verdict on the DUI-Less Safe charge

    Jury Verdict March 2013

  • Not Guilty
    Douglas County DUI-Multiple Substances

    Our client, a commercial truck driver, was charged with DUI-Multiple Substances in Douglas County. Despite the fact that a blood test showed the presence of both alcohol and marijuana in his blood, we obtained a “Not Guilty” verdict on the DUI-Multiple Substances charge.

    DUI-Multiple Substances Verdict 1024X 490

  • All Charges Dismissed
    Cobb County DUI-Per Se and Possession of Marijuana
    Our client, a 19 year old student, was pulled over for Failure to Maintain Lane on I-75N in Cobb County.  After performing field sobriety tests, the officer placed him under arrest for DUI and searched his car incident to the arrest.  During the search, the officer found a grinder containing a small amount of alleged cannabis and charged him with Violation of the Georgia Controlled Substances Act, (“VGCSA”).   Upon arrival at the police station, our client submitted to a urine test to determine whether he was under the influence of alcohol or drugs.  During our investigation, we discovered that the State failed to maintain a proper chain of custody for the urine sample and the alleged cannabis. Accordingly, we obtained a dismissal of the DUI charge and a dismissal of the VGCSA charge. 
  • Not Guilty
    Bartow County DUI-Per Se
    Our client, an over-the-road truck driver, was arrested for DUI-Per Se and Hit and Run after he allegedly sideswiped a parked car while entering his neighborhood during a torrential storm. Despite being offered a plea deal that would have avoided jail time, we took the case to a jury trial in Bartow County Superior Court and received a Not-Guilty verdict on the DUI-Per se charge.
  • DUI Charge Dismissed
    City of Atlanta DUI-Per Se
    Our client was arrested by City of Atlanta police for allegedly failing to maintain her lane while driving on I-75/85 Northbound. Although she submitted to a chemical test of her breath, (which showed a BAC in excess of .08), we were able to keep the breath test result out of evidence based on the fact that the officer advised her of her implied consent rights prior to arrest, rather than at the time of arrest, as required by law. As a result, the DUI charge was dismissed.
  • Both Charges Dismissed
    Cobb County DUI-Less Safe & Hit and Run
    Our client was arrested by Cobb County Police for DUI-Less Safe and Hit and Run after striking another vehicle at a traffic light and then driving approximately one and a half miles. We defended the case by attacking the arresting officer’s performance of standardized field sobriety tests based on his failure to properly medically qualify the client for the tests. As a result, the DUI-Less Safe and the Hit and Run charge were dismissed, and the Client entered a guilty plea to the reduced charges of Reckless Driving and to Failure to Report an Accident. Accordingly, the client’s driving privileges were preserved and he avoided jail time.
  • Dismissed
    Alpharetta Under 21 DUI-Per Se
    Our client, who was under the age of 21, was arrested for DUI-Per Se by Alpharetta Police. Since the client had a history of chronic acid reflux, we argued that the test result was not reliable. Specifically, we argued that he suffered an acid reflux attack prior to the administration of the breath test, thereby introducing unmetabolized alcohol from the stomach into the esophagus, thus tainting the breath sample. Accordingly, the DUI-Per Se charge was dismissed.
  • Not Guilty
    Bartow County Felony Obstruction
    Our client, a farm hand on a local Bartow County farm, was approached by a law enforcement officer who, based on a tip from the owner of the farm, demanded that he produce identification to prove that he did not have an outstanding warrant for his arrest for Failure to Appear on a drug possession charge.  Our client refused to produce identification because he did not believe that the police had the right to require him to produce identification under the circumstances.  The law enforcement officer attempted to arrest the client, and the client picked the officer up and slammed him to the ground, breaking his leg.  The client was charged with Felony Obstruction, and we took the case to a jury trial.  We defended the case on the theory that the officer lacked Reasonable Articulable Suspicion that the client was engaged in criminal activity, and thus, the officer’s demand that the client produce identification was unlawful. The case never made it to the jury. At the conclusion of the State’s case, the trial judge granted our Motion for Directed Verdict of Not-Guilty.